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Health Benefits

The health benefits that Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has to offer are endless! 

Our unrefined premium EVOO has been produced free from any chemicals.

When you add EVOO to your cooking, a drizzle to your dishes or even applying it to your skin you will gain multiple health benefits!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a big part of the Mediterranean diet which is known for its good health and a healthier heart. Research shows it can reduce blood pressure and improve healthy cholesterol levels. Which is pretty impressive!

EVOO contains; 

Vitamin E helps with your immune system plus it helps with healthy eyes and skin! 

Vitamin K which is needed for wound healing and blood clotting. 

Oleocanthal is an antioxidant and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. 

All this from the natural juice of an olive! It really is wonderful stuff! 

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